Pars pro Toto & Big Be-Hide
Kalasamata, Helsinki, Finland, 2022



Originally seen in Vallisaari in the summer of 2021 as part of the Helsinki Biennial, the two works, PARS PRO TOTO and BIG BE-HIDE were permanently relocated to the Kalasatama neighborhood of Helsinki. The original concepts for these works were first imagined in different parts of the world, and together, populate an area that once served as a fishing port in the city.

PARS PRO TOTO consists of eight stone spheres reminiscent of planet shapes, which Kwade created primarily from Nordic rocks. Visible on the surfaces of the sculptures is the layering process that formed them, condensed strata documenting the passage of time. The Latin title of the work, Pars Pro Toto, "a part for the whole," expresses one of the dimensions of the work: from atoms to solar systems, the structures of the universe keep repeating. The existence of individuals is contrasted with the massive scale of time and matter.

BIG BE-HIDE, which is located on Parrulaituri, consists of a natural rock and a metallic copy thereof, which are placed symmetrically on both sides of a two-sided mirror. Depending on the angle from which the work is approached, the mirror either reflects or creates an illusion of transparency; it both hides and supplements. The environment reflected in the mirror creates a portal through landscapes and realities.

© Images Maija Toivanen