In Agnosie
Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany, 2023/2024


In search of new explanations and models to comprehend our world, Alicja Kwade (*1979) explores the principles of our existence. She skillfully challenges perceptions of reality and prompts us to question our own assumptions, for whoever is in doubt looks more closely and reconsiders what may otherwise seem self-evident.

In the realm of contemporary sculpture, Alicja Kwade's work holds an exceptional position: her captivating aesthetics of materials and a harmony of form, combined with a precise formulation of existential questions that determine our existence in the world, are key qualities of her unique oeuvre.

IN AGNOSIE (“IN AGNOSIA”) explores the fundamental aspects of sculpture. Alicja Kwade‘s sculptures, expansive installations, videos, and photographs question our understanding of reality. They disrupt familiar forms of perception and challenge value systems. All of this is necessary to periodically redefine our concept of normality. For the Lehmbruck Museum, Alicja Kwade has devised an exhibition that opens our eyes to the history of art – from Wilhelm Lehmbruck via Surrealism and Minimal Art to our present day.

© Images Dejan Saric