Lampe (Kaiser Idell), 2014

iron 1991.4g, plastic 149.1g, copper 58.7g, brass 30.6g, glass 29g, aluminium 20.9g, ceramic 16.7g, varnish 8,5g, paper 1.9g, Wolfram 0.05g, 12 jars, vitrine

132 x 144.5 x 32.4 cm


In a display case, labelled glass jars with pulverized contents are presented. In this series, Kwade had different objects - a bicycle, a radio, a lamp or a clock - separated into component parts and then professionally pulverized in a lengthy process. The ground components with a particle size of 0.5 mm, the size of a grain of sand, were poured into the various glass jars. Precise specifications of the weight and contents of the itemized materials trace the industrial product back to its original materiality. With this installation, Kwade presents an image of a ‘decomposing material world.’